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Cosplay: made by me
Character: Belle from Disney ’ s beauty and the beast
Cosplayer: Maggie Morningstar (myself)
Photo and edit: Milly Auditore
Nov. 2013

Look this wonderful cosplayer!!! =D Support her work! Follow her page. =D Is always a pleasure to work with her.

PRCC Day 1: As Jill Valentine

Day 2: As Hatake Kakashi.

Awesome weekend. =D

PRCC 2013- Day One!!!! This year I went as Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 3. I had fun with my friends and I hang out with the Umbrella Crew. 
Since I couldn’t finish the battle suit on time, I sew the STARS Police uniform. This uniform is an alternative costume from the game.

Some tips that I learned from this costume:

  • You don’t need official logos. If u print them on cardstock, they look fine and it will be cheaper.
  • Cop hats can be made from vicera and some cardboard. 
  • My first time on a really tight skirt. They are not bad as they look. I narrow it a bit on the bottom so I cannot be exposed or someone could look under my skirt. 
  • UHU still one of my best friends; also, craft foam.
  • Comfy shoes, always shall use. LOL 

"I’mma open that chest, Drake! And you can’t say nooo."

Me as Elena Fisher from Uncharted.
Hope to get nice pictures with Drake soon. XD 

even the week and days before!

even the week and days before!